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Mr Adrian Penalver (06 48 54 27 72)   

Mrs Anne Laure Bustarret                    

Mrs Beata Habra                                  

Mrs Helene Marijon                              



Classes,Jour et Heures


PS - GS         Lundi  de 16h30 à 17h30       Drama Class

CP - CM2      Jeudi  de 16h40 à  18h           Drama Class

PS - GS         Mardi 11h45 à 12h30             Story Book (twice a month)

CP - CE1       Vendredi de 12h à 13h30       Lunch Box Club (twice a month) 

CE2 - CM2    Vendredi de 12h à 13h30        Lunch Box  Club (twice a month)                                                         




20€/year. Children have to be a paid-up member to participate in any of the activities.

Additional fees will be asked for children in the drama classes(380€ /year)






The PAA (La Providence Anglophone Association) is a group of parents who organize activities for their kids to learn about Anglo-Saxon culture and acquire a better command of English. Activities are run throughout the year and the main objective is that children have fun whilst speaking English. The PAA is a voluntary association and relies on parents to help run its programmes.


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